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20+ Women Who Needed Only One Tweet to Raise a Storm of Laughter

Men and women do everything differently: we see things, tell stories, and make jokes in an absolutely diverse way. It's notable that what's funny for men, is not that funny for women. According to a study, women found cartoons funnier and disliked aggressive humor while men found it funny. Twitter is a perfect place to see it for yourself.

Bright Side is glad to present you amazing tweets from women that will definitely make you laugh!

1. Your most important things should always be with you.

2. What do you think this little guy is?

3. I'd be proud of my sister!

4. Never buy the Galaxy Bath Bomb from Kroger.

5. Daddy looking like a snack. A frozen Hispanic snack.

6. You never know where you'll find your next pearl of wisdom!

7. Is this why women spend so much time in the bathroom?

8. At least my mom says I'm beautiful!

9. It teaches people to be tolerant.

10. Personality according to social network:

11. There are two types of dogs:

12. When you're looking for answers:

13. Friendship goals.

14. "It'll be fun," they said...

15. The beginning of the relationships vs. after a while.

16. Good idea for a prank though!

17. "I should've said it like that..."

18. Prioritizing and planning your life.

19. This is how the black mask is supposed to work.

20. Time to make your accounts accessible.

21. Which one are you?

22. Putting that spell on your luggage.

23. "Finally found that hair pin!"

24. Level of cooking skills: God.

25. Strong and independent birds.

26. Even his trash is gorgeous.

27. No regrets and be fabulous!

Do you like to make jokes too? Tell us about your experiences in the comments and make this world brighter too!

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