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20 Workers Who Have a Lot of Explaining to Do

According to Robert Meier, the President of Job Market Experts, 98% of job seekers are eliminated at the initial resume screening and only the top 2% of candidates actually make it to the interview. But as our article shows, even the most thoughtful approaches to evaluating employees' skills and expertise may not be enough.

Bright Side prepared a collection of workers' fails and inventions that are likely to make you smile and exclaim, "How in the world did this happen?!"

1. A good name for your ex's toilet paper

2. "Finally, I can enjoy watermelons without bones. Glad to see they worked that out."

3. This is totally safe.

4. When you run out of paint, but still have a lot of paper.

5. Okay, no more happiness.

6. When there's no money for road repairs in the budget.

7. I wasn't "doing the bathrooms" anyway.

8. Is this safe enough?

9. Is this a result of laziness, creativity or poor eyesight?

10. "You want to play games with me, huh?"

11. It was meant to be a plane. Now it's only a dream.

12. Close enough.

13. For those who are tired of living a boring life:

14. Well, the box doesn't look obvious, as long as no one reads it!

15. If you're not sure...

16. Thanks for the warning!

17. Finally, we're all safe.

18. "My only idea on how this works: Every time you walk in, there is a person standing there who says, 'See? See how hard those are to use!' "

19. Wow, I think you've met a real professional.

20. How many victims were reported?

Do you think job fails can happen to anybody? Have you ever failed to perform your professional duties while at work? Share your stories with us below!

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