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20 Workers Who Only Need One Photo to Explain Everything to a Trauma Surgeon

On average, women live four to five years longer than men based on the life expectancy information provided by UN. Sadly, we're pretty sure this article can back up those disappointing statistics.

Bright Side has collected a list of photos of workers who obviously didn't care much about safety - but probably do now.

20. Nothing can go wrong.

19. Is this really the easiest way?

18. This guy really trusts his colleagues.

17. "Don't move!"

16. "Are you sure you can hold me?"

15. Just like in cartoons, you don't fall until you look down.

14. This doesn't look like a good idea.

13. "We didn't have a choice."

12. "Safety first." So ironic...

11. This is what pushes progress.

10. Just a little to the right...

9. When you forgot to put up the flag and your boss is coming in a minute.

8. Oh, this is just perfect.

7. They could make great cheerleaders.

6. No ladder — no problems.

5. Is he serious?

4. "I've done this so many times."

3. He is the danger.

2. Why not fix the air conditioner on the 26th floor?

1. The broom will be a great help.

Have you ever seen anything like this? Tell us in the comment section below!

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