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21 Ad Placements Gone Hilariously Wrong

Companies worldwide create innovative ways of advertising daily, but when it comes to placing their ads it seems they just can’t help what might be placed beside them.

Bright Side made up a compilation of ads placed so right we’ve laughed our heads off.

This is where Bruce Wayne gets his suits from.

The advertiser was on top of his game that day.

It’s raining balls, apparently...

Bad ad placement on a Seattle bus.

YouTube has to pay rent too, you know.

This is how it should be done:

A yawn after coffee is a silent scream for better coffee.

This is what he’s gonna do after retirement.

They say it does help, though.

Turkish Airlines are so down to earth.

Welcome to Star’Sucks’

Burger King is like, you’re welcome.

Samsung has got no chill.

Okay, that’s a really horrible ad placement.

A sudden plot twist: what if he is the model in the ad?

What is he doing in there anyway?

Yeah, that’s what a baby needs alright.

When you take the ad too literally.

Westwood Medical taking responsibility.

Well, McD is right around the corner, too.

Now this one is probably the best ad placement ever.

Have you ever seen ad placement like this? Share your photos with us and we’ll make sure to update this list!

Preview photo credit Shappie/Reddit, Unknown/Imgur
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