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21 Astounding Photos That Conquered Our Hearts

Sometimes a single picture can tell an entire story or provoke a storm of emotions. It can be because of a good angle or the right moment. It can be thanks to beautiful scenery or a unique event. But most of the time, it’s just a picture of our daily lives, documented by photographers from all over the world.

Here are 21 of the brightest shots chosen by the Bright Side team. In these photos, there are the most beautiful, funny, and heartbreaking things that surprise us and our readers.

A morning spectator

With mother

Simple happiness

Polar Express

A bobcat baby

A street light covered with ice and snow

Why didn’t we stay home?

Sky park

We are warm.

Frozen waves

Let’s have a hug!

The Rwanda team sees snow for the first time.


Forest created by man


We want to know what happened there!

To the Sun

Long exposure flight

Girls, such men are the best.

The feeling when spring comes to your neighbors first:

March 9, Stavropol

Just a regular family, nothing special.

Which picture impressed you the most? Share in the comments!

Preview photo credit Jonathan Nimerfroh
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