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21 Bitter Situations No One Wants to Face

There are a lot of situations in our lives that leave us feeling completely powerless. For example, when you are trying to explain to your grandmother for the 100th time how to use the TV remote, when you see how arrogant some people can be, or when you realize that you are already old.

Bright Side couldn’t ignore these 21 powerless moments, that can even be felt at the molecular level.

This must be really disappointing if you were expecting to eat a tasty pizza.

When you had a really difficult day:

“A high schooler I know said she like the toasters on my shirt. Feeling old...”

I don’t know what to say.

“Caught my boss living in the office after a divorce making his dinner... I always thought the coffee tasted odd.”

When your work day has started and you still can’t:

My grandparents’ TV remote

“What some people down the road from my brother did to their house after they were kicked out for not paying rent for over 6 months:”

The most important thing is to not forget it’s your child and you love them.

Poor guy, he doesn’t have a partner...

When you bought something new, but nobody notices anything except for the tag:

The exact moment I took a step too close to the border between North and South Korea:

“My wife asked what I wanted for dinner. ‘I don’t know,’ I replied. This is what she made me.”

When you are too tired to even say “stop”:

When payday is a week away (the struggle is REAL):

When you are ready to do anything to fall asleep:

When it’s hot but the shop is on a tight budget:

Meal prep gone wrong

“Absolutely over the moon with my new oven.”

“I just turned 30 years old and I have mixed feelings about it. My younger brother sent me this care package.”

When she finds you at the bar and not at your office:

Have these situations ever happened to you? Tell us in the comment section below.

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