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21 Bright Photos That Can Heal Your Soul

The Christmas holidays have ended and there’s a whole year ahead until next Christmas. To make sure you’ll make it through the year in one piece, you need to take a break from time to time and recharge yourself with positivity by looking at kitties and chubby toddlers, and enjoying these fascinating shots and photos of human kindness.

To have a proper rest after a busy day, you can take a warm bath, meditate, or simply look through this collection of photos and gifs which made our Bright Side team melt from their loveliness.

“Barista made this hot chocolate for my 7 year old son.”

When you’re peeling an orange and you manage to pop-out the deep stem:

Cuddle puddle

Couldn’t you just watch it forever?

I caught this scrub hanging out the passenger side. It was like he was telling me, “Hey guy, cheer up.”

Pure bliss

It’s just like new now.

You can meditate just by looking at this.

“I was eating breakfast at a small cafe when this little guy hopped on the table.”

Why not just leave everything behind and move to Switzerland?


Extreme sports and this kid’s genuine reaction

Use your paws!

Quiet winter evening

“My cute little chick!”

The last piece in a 5,000 piece puzzle

Ping Pong with water!

They were meant for each other.

Too satisfying!

These soldiers are on guard of your psychological health.

Magnetic glance

Which photo or gif did you look at the longest? Tell us why in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Wildwildworld / pikabu
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