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21 Brilliant Examples of Services That Exceeded Our Expectations

All of us have experienced terrible service. That’s why every time shop assistants are nice and polite to us, we remember it fondly like we do our first love or a win in a lottery.

Bright Side has collected the brightest and most moving examples of companies that really care about their clients. And at the end of the article, you’ll see a cat masseur working in a Japanese spa salon!

1. Subway ticket in exchange for a bottle

In China, there is a machine that can recycle bottles and give people a subway ticket in return! A great idea to keep the environment clean!

2. A dog for visitors

At The Kimpton Hotel in Philadelphia, pets are adored. That’s why the hotel lets people stay in the hotel with their pets free of any additional charge. More than that, you can bring any pet you want, whether it be a cat, a dog — or even something covered with scales! The only requirement is that your animal can fit through the door. The most interesting thing about this hotel is that all visitors can play with dogs from a nearby animal shelter which is a great way for visitors to relieve stress during important business trips. And if you become friends with one of the shelter dogs, you can adopt it!

3. Mushrooms growing right at the store

In this store, you can cut the mushrooms you like — it doesn’t get fresher than this!

4. Vegetables on the roof of a supermarket

In this grocery store, they decided not to spend money on transportation, so they grow their own vegetables right on the roof. You can watch the vegetables grow on a special screen inside of the store.

5. Testing toilet paper before buying

A supermarket in the Netherlands offers the customers to “test” different toilet paper and choose the one they like.

6. A discount for umbrellas on rainy days

In IKEA stores, they have a nice way of caring for their customers. When it’s sunny, umbrellas cost $4.99, but when it’s rainy, there is a 50% discount.

7. Personalized knives for regular visitors

In a meat restaurant in Johannesburg, every person from the list of 400 regular visitors has their own personalized knife which is stored on a special stand in the restaurant.

8. Christmas presents in the baggage claim

The Singapore Air company surprised their passengers when they arrived in Manila. When they were waiting at the baggage claim area, instead of their bags, there were personalized Christmas presents. Don’t worry, they still got their luggage afterward.

9. A taxi with karaoke

A taxi company in California is trying to compete with other taxi companies by offering an extra service — an installed karaoke machine complete with microphones! Many clients deliberately make their ride longer so that they can finish their songs.

10. Free tampons and pads

In an airport in Columbus Ohio, they care about their female travelers. That’s why they put a machine in the bathroom that dispenses free tampons and pads.

11. Electric candles you can buy with a credit card

In a Caravaggio cathedral, people who don’t have coins for a regular wax candles, can use an electric candle and pay for it using a credit card.

12. A treadmill that charges your phone

Places to charge your phone at the airport are rare, but if you really need to charge your phone, this Minneapolis airport offers a charge in exchange for a run on this treadmill.

13. Apple sweetness scale

Some people like sour apples while others like sweet ones. This special scale helps you decide which type of apple to buy.

14. A shelf for coffee

There is a special shelf in this store so that you don’t spill your coffee when you open the door.

15. A mattress for pets

If you buy a mattress in this store, you will get the same one but smaller for your pet.

16. A place for testing shoes

Before you buy shoes at this shoe store, you can test how they walk on different surfaces to make sure that you feel comfortable in them.

17. A machine at the airport that prints banners

If you forgot to bring a sign or banner for the passenger you’re meeting at the airport, there is a special machine in the Amsterdam airport that will print one out for you.

18. A place for your pet in a shopping cart

In an Italian food store, there are special carts with a section for small dogs — this way you can take them with you instead of leaving them outside.

19. A machine that prints out short stories

If you’re waiting for your flight but forgot to bring a book, there is a special machine that will print out a short story for you. You can even choose a desired reading time from one, three, or five minutes long.

20. This mini-town that helps test cameras

In this store, they have an entire miniature world so that you can try taking pictures with different cameras, compare the results, and choose the best one.

21. This pet food machine

This machine automatically dispenses animal food and water for street cats and dogs. Now they don’t need to beg for food — they can just come here and eat anytime they want.

Bonus: A cat masseur in a Japanese spa salon

Which of these great services did you like best? Tell us in the comment section below!

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