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21 Designer Creations That Are Too Cool for This World

When it seems that there can be nothing new in the world of original and useful things, cool and talented designers come to the rescue.

Bright Side collected 21 incredible ideas from people who use their imagination to the fullest and destroy all stereotypes. We would love to buy everything!

Interesting carpet design

A window you can use to look at the sky without ever leaving your apartment! An introvert’s dream!

Bicycle tires that cannot be punctured!

An inflatable hoodie you can sleep in anywhere. Say goodbye to sleeping bags!

An espresso machine you can carry with you anywhere. A great gift for coffee fans.

This unicorn candleholder starts crying when you light up a candle:

This smart robot doesn’t only transport things but also follows you on its own:

Moon-shaped lamps that will make your room much cozier!

Swimsuits for girls who have always wanted to be Disney princesses

A “smart” watch for blind people. They can be used to read and send texts.

At IKEA, they created a shelf for plants where you can make your own garden right inside your apartment:

Skull-shaped firewood for those who love telling scary stories

Hair dye that changes color depending on the temperature

“Tattoo tights” for those who are not ready for such a big commitment yet

“My tea came with hourglass timers for each type of tea.”

Have you always wanted to have a bonsai tree? Now you can have a little flying tree!

There are short stories on these bottles that you can enjoy while drinking wine.

A keyboard typewriter to feel as if you are an old-school writer

You can play Tetris when you throw away trash in this bin. A great idea that will make the city cleaner.

9 rings — one for each planet of the Solar system. A great gift for those who love astronomy.

This device will help you learn to play your favorite guitar tunes:

Would you like to have any of these things? Tell us which in the comments section below!

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