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21 Designer Fails That Will Confuse Even Those Who’ve Seen Everything

Creative people move our world forward, but sometimes their work is no different from complete absurdity. American inventor Elena Bondar received the Ig Nobel prize for turning a bra into a gas mask. Unfortunately, not all inventors become world-famous, but some of their decisions deserve to be seen by everyone even if they make people say “Why?!”

Bright Side has collected a list of bewildering designer decisions which you won’t soon forget.

How... Forget it...

To make things absolutely clear.

Best way to show off your back tattoo

It’s a nice dress, what’s the problem?

Baby macarons. Literally.

Fish flops. Cats are going to love them.

Need more hugs? Buy the pillow!

How do you tell a person you don’t like them? Buy them this shirt!

When you love your old jeans too much.

Chewbacca’s slippers

Your child still doesn’t have teeth? No problem!

Don’t forget to feed your boots.

This is classy.

You don’t need the pedicure anymore.


Apparently, this is a bracelet for the tooth fairy.

A real artist can find inspiration in anything.

Earrings for those who love eavesdropping.

Elegant shoes for those who love elegant geometry

Dentures with a USB

When you are a tiny dinosaur deep down.

If you have seen any examples of crazy design, share them in the comment section below! We would love to see them!

Preview photo credit Sham Sincere Lewis
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