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21 DIY Heroes Who Are Exploding the Failometer

These days, you can learn how to do lots of things on the internet. It has so many tutorials that it gives the impression that anyone can become an expert in anything just as long as they watch a few videos on the topic. Well, it may work for some, but the people below definitely should have left it to the professionals.

We at Bright Side don't know whether to laugh or cry, so we want to share these pictures with you to hear your opinion!

1. Going to Grandma's vs leaving Grandma's

2. I wanted to make monster cookies. I think I got it...

3. Turning athletic into obese – I am good at this!

4. I am sorry, little bunny...

5. The Valentine's Day my wife won't let me forget:

6. I still think that this cookie turned out great...

7. Just a slight difference...

8. Home decorator. Level: Expert.

9. The result is much scarier!

10. Nailed it!

11. Literally "nailed" it!

12. Holy moly...

13. Not quite the look I planned...

14. What did I do to deserve this swing?!

15. Why do I even bother?

16. Merry Christmas, everyone!

17. Remember, no matter what goes wrong, this is still Thanksgiving and we're still having a turkey!

18. Well, you tried...

19. That's it, my childhood is ruined.

20. My imagination doesn't stretch that far...

21. Close enough!

Bonus: Even professionals can sometimes fail...

A customer saw the picture on the left and told her groomer she wanted a heart on her Corgi too.

DIY projects are always fun and the results can be very funny! If you have photos of your own DIY projects, share them with us in the comment section!

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