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21 Gods of Street Fashion That Can Make Any Day Brighter

Experts say that we spend nearly one year of our lives deciding what to wear, but is it really so important? Maybe we should learn from these guys?

Bright Side found a few fashion-addicted and confident people whose looks can shock or maybe even inspire you! Who knows — maybe after looking at these photos you’ll become brave enough to wear that flashy shirt that’s just been hanging in your closet for years?

Monsters, Inc. inspired outfit

A modern knight?

A Barbie fan?

Is it a brother of Ruby Rhod from The Fifth Element?

This man wants to grab as much attention as possible! All red can’t go unnoticed!

The way you look when your husband is a hunter:

He is probably going to be a new superhero — a Lizardman?!

Another Barbie fan?

A very confident man! Seems like he looks like this to better understand today’s youth.

Either he’s coming home from a crazy party, or he lost a bet.

A retired Mad Hatter or he’s a big fan of Flavor Flav.

Her hair merges with her fur coat like camouflage...maybe she’s spying on somebody.

Very interesting way to reuse an old shoe...

Why did he decide his legs were more important to keep warm than his butt?

We found the new Leeloo from The Fifth Element!

When a granddaughter leaves her clothes at her grandparents’ house:

Cool way to not waste money on a fur coat — just sew a fur coat out of a carpet!

Maybe he wanted to prove to his granddaughter that leggings are not the same as pants.

This lady looks like a guest from outer space.

Gangster grandmother or an undercover agent?

This guy is obviously not afraid to mix patterns:

What do you think about these experimental looks? Could you pull off these looks? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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