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21 Haircut Fails That Are So Epic You’ll Never Forget Them

There are a million ways we can wear our hair. Some of us prefer general trends, while others like to go for more unique looks.

Today Bright Side offers you a glimpse at some of the most extraordinary haircuts hairdressers have ever created for their clients.

21. “Which haircut do you want, sir?“

”Well, you know that moment when you pour milk into your coffee?"

20. "I want to know what it’s like to be behind bars."

19. "I’m in a ratty mood today. I want my hair to reflect that."

18. "If you’ve seen anime before, you know exactly what I have in mind."

17. "Style me something no one else has."

16. "I’ll have a gecko, please."

15. "I want to wear my hair in one single dread."

14. "Could you turn me into a helicopter, please?"

13. "Just hit me with that paintbrush look."

12. "Sculpt me horns."

11. "Give me the Johnny Bravo one."

10. "I’ll go with the tomato head."

9. "Wait, did you seriously put a plasma TV in my hair?"

8. "My life revolves around tennis. I want people to know that."

7. "Ever seen the Sydney Opera House?"

6. "You know the poodle cut, right?"

5. "I don’t want to be caught sleeping in class. Can you help me with that?"

4. "I’ll have the SpongeBob house, please."

3. “What kind of cut do you want?“

”I don’t carrot all."

2. "She says she only dates guys over 6 feet."

1. "Lemme get that barcode, fam."

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