21 Hilarious Cakes That Taste Better Than They Look

You may not be the best baker in the whole world, but don't you sometimes feel the urge to go to the kitchen and create something outstanding for your loved one?

Bright Side believes that thoughts like those were exactly what drove people to create these 21 cakes. At the very least, they deserve an A for effort. We guess.

21. This is how a minion cake is supposed to look.

20. Cinderella, this is not your best moment.

19. I believe this Minnie Mouse ate something bad...

18. What is it with Disney princesses today?

17. Hey kitty, kitty...kitty?

16. You can always turn a watermelon cake into a zombie cake.

15. Peppa has seen some stuff.

14. Mondays. Am I right?

13. Turkey cake gone wrong!

12. Just tell your girl she's pretty.

11. The curse never ended for Chip.

10. They asked for a duck on a cake.

9. Candy Kingdom Cake Crush

8. That's what I call close enough.

7. Happy birthday Matt, I guess.

6. Unicorns are not the same anymore.

5. Just a hedgehog. From your nightmares.

4. These cupcakes are from the land of ruined dreams.

3. These snowmen look terrified.

2. That's a different way of making visual art for sure.

1. May the force truly be with you...

Have you ever attempted a cake and failed? Be sure to share with us in the comments. After all, we bet they tasted great!

Preview photo credit cualcrees/reddit
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