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21 Hilarious Times Restaurant Names Went to a New Level

On average Americans spend slightly more than $3,000 on dining out annually. Some people visit their favorite restaurants, others like to experiment with new cuisine. And a name could play the most important part when choosing a place to go.

Restaurants value their customers and try to attract their attention in every possible way. This can be displayed in a unique interior, unusual dishes or an interesting staff.

Bright Side prepared a selection for you where the owners decided to display their creativity with their restaurant name. But something went wrong. And these are hilarious.

1. For Titanic fans

2. Apples are needed on the menu.

3. Forcing patrons to order only small portions

4. Nice meeting

5. Come with your first wife

6. It’s probably named in honor of another Jackie.

7. As long as there’s no mustache in my meal, we’re good.

8. At least the sign looks cute.

9. It’s better written together.

10. Sounds like a confession...

11. The best self-promotion

12. Where’s the right one?

13. There’s no room for bragging here.

14. Can’t be found

15. Predictor of the future

16. It’s better to not come with kids.

17. This level of honesty is so rare.

18. Out of a million of good restaurant names...

19. The spell that makes any kebab tastier

20. Greetings, Star Wars fans.

21. Apparently they feed people with a heavy heart here.

Which of these names amused you the most? And what would you name your own restaurant? Share your ideas in the comments.

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