21 Inventive People Who Would Do Anything for Comfort

We live in a world full of stress. That's why sometimes it's important to pay attention to your own comfort so as not to burn out.

We at Bright Side admire these people who don't care about what others say and focus on their comfort.

Big Mac and 2 towels, please.

Portable table for watching TV

Mini old lady for easy feeding

This is not a good enough reason to put your clothes on.

And then the left leg reached out and opened the window shutter!

Looks like this old lady is not really worried about someone else being in a hurry.

"My girlfriend has a very sticky back — I decided to use it."

Apparently, he is extremely hungry.

When your teacher told you to put on comfortable clothes before the exam:

He is in Zen.

Any place can feel like home.

"Now I feel awkward when I look at this picture of myself."

You can have a good sleep even in the subway.

This is the best way to use a selfie stick.

When your weekend depends on this DVD:

When you are a ballet dancer in your soul:

It's very easy to move puzzle parts with a spatula.

Comfort level — 100%

He is not worried about traffic jams anymore.

He doesn't have to look for a seat.

"My granny was too shy to wear a nightgown in front of us. I decided to support her. Well, it's very comfortable."

Nice weather for mowing the lawn!

Preview photo credit Cecilia Wessels
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