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21 Life Situations That Can Bring the Beast Out in Anyone

We all are a little bit crazy in this or that way. Some things that one person considers absolutely normal may seem absolutely inappropriate for someone else. The seemingly smallest thing can ruin someone’s inner balance: a rude word, a sudden gesture, a stupid action, or anything else.

Bright Side collected for you the top 20 situations from life that probably at some point tickled your nerves.

1. When you understand that it’s easier to leave it as it is.

2. “I’m becoming the Hulk when I see things like that.”

3. I’m losing my nerve abut things like that, too.

4. To open a package from the first try. Mission: Impossible.

5. Those who leave their food leftovers in the kitchen sink are going to pay for it.

6. Also, those who love to stir their tea with the sugar spoon will be punished severely.

7. “Please tell me things like this don’t only happen to me.”

8. Who does it like that?

9. That feeling when you entered the WC in the most inappropriate moment.

10. Did anyone ever get a pencil with a working eraser?

11. “This is what really freaks me out!”

12. “And this happens every time. ”

13. Top quality paper towels.

14. If you have an office chair with wheels, keep away from wires!

15. You won’t wash your hands even if you really want to.

16. An iPhone is like a buttered toast: it always falls with the most unwanted side down

17. When you realize that you’re popular, but it’s not what you wanted.

18. Why do elbows attract obstacles?

19. “I will never understand the manufacturers of such desserts.”

20. “Firstly, why is this thing so difficult to open? Secondly, it makes a lot of noise! The whole country will know that you want to eat a piece of cake.”

21. It seems like the bigger the bag is, the fewer chips are inside.

Have you been in any of these situations? Which of them freak you out most of all? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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