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21 Painful Photos Proving That Trust Is a Fragile Thing

Once you are lied to, it becomes really difficult to trust a person or a company. It sounds serious, but on some occasions it can also be funny: cars “scratched” with chalk, tennis rackets replaced with frying pans, and so on.

Bright Side has collected 21 stories of when gullibility caused funny situations.

Bought seeds for “giant strawberries” from AliExpress. Picked my first “crop” today.

“I misplaced my aunt’s Tupperware once and now all trust has been broken.”

“Biggest letdown I’ve had in a while. I hope they’re happy.”

“A waiting room at a pediatric clinic has toys secured behind plexiglass for display only. There are no actual toys for the kids to play with.”

“My friends ordered a cake for their Wonder Woman theme party. This is what they got.”

“Love kids in my neighborhood. It’s just chalk.”

“Great quality,” said the description.

“I wish I had just bought regular ice cream.”

“Just got to tennis. My boyfriend has taken my racket out of my bag and put a frying pan in instead. I’m not even joking.”

It’s sale time!

When you feel the need to check everything that a manufacturer says.

“You have to at least admire the audacity.”


The “I actually don’t want to come in but I’ll pretend like I do” mode is on.

Gym skills grow. Photoshop skills remain the same.

Define protect.

“My best friend focused on the picture on the box and failed to notice the measurements.”

“Peeled off the ’enjoy by’ sticker on these donuts to find out they put it over an even older ’enjoy by’ sticker.”

Case closed.

Please do not have an emergency here.

“The design of this package makes it looks like you have a 20 calorie snack, instead of what it actually is.”

Have you ever been in a funny situation where you got fooled by someone or something?

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