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21 Peculiar Sights That Completely Seized Our Attention

ADHD is a condition that is generally represented by lack of attention, but we bet that even people suffering from it will have their eyes glued to the screen while looking at this list.

We at Bright Side look through thousands of images every day to find the ones that are spectacular in one way or another and these made us pause and gaze.

The design on my flip flops matches the scenery at the beach I'm at.

My bacon looks like a fried pig.

This wood dust makes my arm look like dry cracked dirt.

Antarctic scale worm

Cult or art?

Thorny devil eating its tail

Look what's in my foam.

The phenomenon of “Crown Shyness” where trees avoid touching

Meet Oliver, a cat with thumbs.

Abandoned hotel in Germany

A building shedding its "skin"

This leaf is too colorful.

I took a picture at the Colosseum in Rome that looked like a skull.

Face in the shirts

And here is a titan holding up the Earth.

Accidentally left my apple outside overnight.

My brother's shadow looks like Abraham Lincoln.

This car is covered with smaller cars.

Our dog's face is in the pattern on our cutting board.

One banana ripened faster than the rest.

Found a mushroom that resembles a ghost.

Did the whole list have you captivated or were there some particular parts that were really attention-grabbers for you? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit imgrum, IridiumIodide3/reddit
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