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21 People That Conquered Their Fears and Quit the Jobs They Hated

Many people are in a career that’s different from what they’ve always dreamed of. And no matter how prestigious our job is or how much money we make, sooner or later it all comes down to us coming to work on autopilot mode and just waiting for the work day to finish. After that, we go home with no energy or enthusiasm left to get up and do the same thing all over again the next day. We all have our own reasons why we might be stuck, but some people are still brave enough to dare to make a change.

Bright Side came across 21 brave people who were not afraid of just going for it, and making a change in their lives. And they started with changing the jobs that they just couldn’t do anymore.

1. “Quit my job Saturday, got dumped Sunday, aced my midterm Monday, got the job I actually wanted Tuesday, paid off all my debt on Wednesday, and spent the day with my dogs at the beach. It’s been a good week.”

2. “After 5 years of 4 a.m. starts and working myself into the ground, today I handed in my notice and will be starting my new job in 4 weeks (8am-4pm!). It feels amazing.”

3. “I quit my job to become a professional dog walker. No regrets... This is Zeus!”

4. “11 months ago I quit my job, sold everything I owned, and left Seattle to sail around the world...”

Today marks my 10,000th mile sailed.

5. “I did it! I quit my job, bought a Volkswagen bus, drove from Florida to Utah, broke down, bought a Tahoe, and made it to Burning Man just in time. Here are some photos.”

6. “This is the day I quit my very last retail job.”

7. “I quit my job (which was terribly boring) and now I paint instead!”

8. “I decided to quit my job of 6 years and move away from my family and friends to live by the beach to pursue my passion of photography. This is one of my favorite photos that I’ve taken so far.”

9. “A year ago, I quit my job to sail the world on a tiny boat. It hasn’t always been easy, but it does have its moments.”

10. “Quit my job after I got asked to climb this ladder. $10/hr scraping paint is not worth a broken neck.”

11. “Quit my job 60 days ago... Started my own business. Opted out my apartment lease... Packed up 4 kids and moved 1,900 miles from a life of stress and depression. This is the picture is my new happy. A home, with a yard. The simple things.”

12. “I just thought this morning while driving to work that the weather was perfect for a day at the beach. After years of an unhappy career and anxiety, I just quit my job when I got to the office and here I am at the beach! Best day of my life.”

13. “My mom quit the job she’s hated for over a year and decided to take her favorite doggo to a local park to celebrate.”

14. “I quit my job, sold everything, bought a sailboat, and sailed it from the US to Chilean Patagonia!”

15. “I quit my full-time job as a Rad Tech to pursue my dream to become a game developer a few months ago. My first game came out in August. I met these ladies at a convention and they had already played it. They loved it so much that they bought 8 from me! It gave me the confidence I really needed.”

16. “I just quit my awful job, my skin is clear, just bought organic groceries, and it’s a beautiful day. I feel so much better than I have in so long.”

17. “I found the picture that sums up the exact moment I decided to quit my job as a kid’s party entertainer.”

18. “6 months ago I quit my job and the next job I had lined up fell through. Now I’m in China, building my shoe line empire.”

19. “5 years ago I quit a job I hated to farm, write, and live like fiction. I made it.”

20. “This past year home life became too much for me so I ran away to China to teach English. These kids think I’m the coolest person just because I have hair on my arms. I have never felt so much love.”

21. “Today was my first day after quitting my job and instead of having my usual 4-5 panic attacks a day, I only had one! I haven’t been this happy in so long.”

Have you ever had a burning desire to quit your job and do something completely different? If yes, why and what would you like to do instead?

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