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21 People Who Are on Savage Level 9999

We are used to using the word "savagery" as a way to explain horrors of the modern world, yet some very barbaric examples of it are waiting for us just around the corner - or in this list!

Here at Bright Side, we love to tickle your sense of humor and test your perfectionism with our fun photo collections. Let's see if we can achieve it here today!

Laziest clockmaker ever

We don't know if it's laziness or genius, but it's still tasty!

Bringing "savage" to the streets

"My OCD does not approve."

Nervous table top

One way to mess with a display

Now, this is just evil.

Just having some pizza...

The runaway?

Yeah, you can be the only one...

Forks are overrated.

When a hotdog feels disrespected:

It says "doorstop" so it must work like a doorstop, right?

We guess if one can see, one can drive!

This guy had checks of him and his new wife printed so he could write alimony checks to his ex.

A heartbreaking joke

People doing this are out there, unsupervised.

"I feel violated."

Here is a true butter murderer, ladies and gentlemen.

There are 3 sinks yet they need 5 paper towel holders?

When "good boys" go to the dark side:

Which one of these photos had you mesmerized by the amount of savagery in them? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments, we'd love to hear from you!

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