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21 People Who Are So Insane, It’s Too Funny for Words

According to psychologists, most eccentric people acting in an “insane way” are idealistic and creative, and their actions are motivated by their willingness to challenge and explore the world. If you don’t see an immediate meaning behind someone’s actions, its best to just laugh at it. This is the exact purpose of the list below.

At Bright Side, we’ve collected some photos from the Internet that made us both wonder and smile. We want to share these photos with you to better your mood.

1. “You don’t believe I’m on sick leave? I have photo proof!”

2. When you don’t have headphones and your parents ask you to keep it down:

3. A convenient place to store your soda

4. A new babysitter is definitely wanted.

5. When you have a costume party at work:

6. Kitty bolognese

7. It’s difficult to find a comfortable pose while you read a book.

8. This man is armed and very dangerous.

9. Creative haircuts require dedication.

10. Dad of the year

11. “Will I fit?”

12. And the “People of Walmart Award” goes to...

13. You never know what you might need in the shower.

14. How to cut a piece of cake...quickly:

15. Pink coffin pool floats

16. Sunbathing on a summer day has never been easier.

17. Teletubbies to the rescue!

18. The perfect tool to get a whole row to yourself

19. The brass guardian

20. A friendly pineapple

21. Everything is in its place.

Which photo from this list did you like the most? Do you have some “insane” pictures of your own? Share your impressions, photos, and possible titles for the images in the comments!

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