21 People Who Are Swimming Straight Against the Tide

Only about 2% of the population can be considered geniuses based on their IQ score. But we have a sneaking suspicion that the people in this compilation have evaded taking the test, as easily as they do everything else. So they may not be registered geniuses, but they are in our book.

We at Bright Side love a good rebel story and what we admire the most in it is ingenuity. So let's check out the geniuses of the year. Or, at least, of this list.

Definitely better than a mirror

Riding the tram while riding the tram

Handy little sunflower cap

This beer holder tho

Naps are very important.

Why doesn't McDonalds serve it this way?

His Facebook is looking at you.

When you want to take a shower, but your makeup is on point:

We didn't want to wash the dishes, so we wrapped them in plastic.

But does it hold up while jogging?

These cards are state of the art.

Just a long straw, nothing to see here.

This man is a genius!

"Sure, honey, I'll take out the trash!"

It's a protein of sorts.

Genius idea, but iffy on the physics part.

Melted cheese toasts have never been easier.

God, please don't let this trend catch up.

Sunscreen and a battery charger? Sign me up!

Voila! Lemon water!

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Did any one of those make you want to invent something for yourself? Be sure to share with us the comment section!

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