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21 People Who Climbed High Up the Creativity Ladder

Creativity can be sparkled by a ton of things - motivation from your idols, art, and even meditation. But most of it is triggered by being in a problematic or tough situation, where you found a way to persevere. And the people on this list have done a wonderful job!

We at Bright Side praise creativity any time we get a chance to, so join us in this article and get inspired by amazing people out there in the world!

Didn't help

Love tattoo... for a brand

From damaged to cool, in one sticker

Flood fun!

Wisdom and humor come with age, apparently.

My friend fell hard and got this chicken bruise.

Scars are forever and you know what else? Cool tattoos!

My friend is making the best of his fractured finger.

Someone likes to be comfortable.

You say lazy, I say genius.

Whenever I park illegally I give myself a fake "parking ticket," so no one else will.

School's out for winter.

Make the best of what you have.

My neighbors made the best of the aftermath of hurricane Sandy.


Making the best out of living in cold weather

The best license plate in the world

My friend forgot her fork today.

A traffic jam is a good enough reason to get a tan.

King of the thumbs

How's my tattoo gonna look like when I get old? Like that.

Do you have any creative moments caught on camera? Be sure to share them with us below in the comment section!

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