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21 People Who Completely Nailed Their Childhood Photo Recreations

“Lost time is never found again,” said Benjamin Franklin. As much as we know it’s the truth, we sure as heck can recreate that lost time to cherish the memories that now only live in a photo. In this age of technology, this is one of the things we have that our past generations didn’t.

Here at Bright Side, we’re cheering on your efforts to recreate those moments and sharing with everyone out there.

21. 18 years later and it made my mom laugh more than I’ve ever seen.

20. Sometimes all you need is a camera and an old photo.

19. We created this as a Christmas gift for our mom.

18. 35 years later (1983 — 2018)

17. Then / Now — by Luxton Brother

16. For our father’s birthday, we tried to take the same photo.

15. We did it again after 20 years.

14. Spot the difference...

13. Little re-creation today with my mom’s bestie Carolyn, 24 years later...

12. Twins, 19 years later

11. Not much has changed...

10. 29 years later, my brothers and I recreated our family vacation photo at the Texas State Capitol.

9. Recreated a moment for the dog.

8. “My version — 30 years ago and now”

7. “It has been 8yrs since we’ve sneaked into IKEA, and we’re still here.”

6. These siblings created this for their birthday month.

5. Recreated on Father’s Day

4. The car still looks the same, even after 10 years.

3. 24 years later... the lady in the middle is still the same.

2. Oh my god, we hope that fan was not moving.

1. The smiles are still the same.

Wasn’t it a nostalgic experience? Do you have any recreations? Feel free to drop them to the comments, and don’t forget to share this with the people you want to recreate a moment with.

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