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21 People Who Decided to Live by Their Own Rules

Rules? Some people just create their own and obey whatever laws they want. These are the people that make life really colorful! They may charge a computer in a swimming pool, create their own style of dance or make ice cubes with pasta. It’s just a normal day for people like this!

Bright Side found 21 pictures of people that don’t obey any rules.

1. Real men don’t obey and they don’t cry.

2. He can, he does.

3. Rebel

4. Gravity doesn’t apply to him.

5. “I sent my dog outside for standing on a dining room table. This was his response.”

6. This awkward moment

7. “Rules...I create them.”

8. You better just accept it.

9. “Sir, rules exist for everyone.”

10. “I guess that’s one way to do it.”

11. This must be a very interesting lecture.

12. He could just have attached it to his bike...

13. There is just no explanation.

14. Just make yourself comfortable.

15. Safe and comfortable

16. “I just want to fish.”

17. There are no rules for real superheroes.

18. He broke the law of plasticity.

19. “Daddy, are you sure this is how it works?”

20. Rain won’t stop, so you just have to be more creative.

21. “Oops...”

Do you follow all of society’s rules or do you have your own special way of doing things? Leave a comment if you’ve ever broke some common rules.

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