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21 People Who Did a Renovation but Failed at One Important Thing

Everybody makes mistakes and of course, renovation is a difficult process which is hard to do right. In this case, we often get something we didn’t plan for. But don’t be stressed: even true professionals sometimes get unexpected results. And there are plenty of examples.

Bright Side came across these 21 masterpieces of renovation. People who did this are very unlikely to do anything else in their houses in the near future.

1. A sink is attached to the toilet, forming a perfect slide. Here is the result:

2. An air conditioner that’s really dangerous for perfectionists...

3. You haven’t stubbed your toe yet? Challenge accepted!

4. Problem solved!

5. “It’s okay, we can make this work. No one will noti—”

6. “This hotel has a mirror on a mirror. Just...why?”

7. “The bathroom in my local theatre”

8. “I think a good place for this drain pipe is right by the door to the building, it never rains here anyway.”

9. “I’m literally screaming inside.”

10. This fan and light combo

11. “There are many reasons why I left this university and this is one of them...”

12. How do you like the built-in fence?

13. Try being drunk and walking into this place!

14. The drain pipe is right above the bench.

15. “A pencil sharpener right next to an emergency button that immediately calls the local police department and sends the principal to our classroom when your hand hits’s been hit about 3 times this last period.”

16. These lamps that are exactly eye-level

17. “The view from my hotel room”

18. Why? Was this really the only option?

19. “Okay, we need the hole to be big enough for the pipe.”

20. “The way that the lights are placed on my ceiling”

21. “My friend just finished a kitchen remodel.”

Have you ever done a renovation with your own hands? What was the most difficult part of it? Tell us down below!

Preview photo credit batataqw89 / Reddit
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