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21 People Who Have Hilarious Stories to Tell Their Grandchildren One Day

Sometimes we're put in such funny and unbelievable situations that all we can utter to the people around us is, "You won't believe what happened!" Don't you think a story about a horse in a café or a calculator confused for a phone would become stories that you would be telling for your entire life? We think so.

Bright Side has collected 21 situations with people who had such crazy things happen to them, they won't be able to forget them anytime soon.

"Thank you, honey."

"Hey, girl, move away from there!"

When you have such a wild past that people still remember you 30 years later:

"My manager at the grocery store I work at received this in the mail today."

The news you didn't expect to get

Do you have such unusual clients often?

This woman was on a phone job interview when the Mayor of Chicago was right next to her. He took her phone and said a few good things about her.

Who doesn't like the smell of coffee in the morning?

"I was walking down the street and saw this. It didn't even take the glasses off!"

"My friend owns a salon. A client asked if she could bring her dog since he’s so well behaved."

Everyone should have the right to an education.

Truck drivers love cosplay too!

"Today this old man came into my work asking if I could help him activate this phone he found..."

This dog is addicted.

"I’m dying because apparently my sister blanked out and left the hairdresser’s with the cape still on, but it matched her outfit and overall style so well that we didn't notice for hours."

The thin line between funny and crazy

"I work as a delivery guy and I had to move a mannequin from one store to another via subway."

Some family stories should remain a secret.

"Got drunk, cut all my hair off and sent it to charity."

"Most graduates get flowers and balloons. My relatives got me a fried chicken."

A dangerous beauty maniac was found!

We are sure that you have similar stories like these. Tell us your stories in the comment section below!

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