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21 People Who Look More Like Mutants Than Humans (New Pics)

As the internet community grows, so does the level of absurdity. In 2008, it would almost be impossible to stumble across people doing weird things. Now, it is almost impossible to stumble across people doing normal things because being normal is boring. Now we are thankful for the people who capture the beauty of absurdity and share it with the world.

Here at Bright Side, we gathered the most entertaining pictures we could find of people doing weird things that make us wonder if they are aliens!

1. Meanwhile, somewhere at a beach...

2. These giant helmets need to become available for sale online:

3. Walking down the street

4. “Jeff, I need to see higher. Give me a boost!”

5. “I like to feed on wood.” Said nobody ever.

6. A roman warrior taking the subway because his time machine broke down on the way back

7. “He is an alien, we need to fight back.”

8. There is a new ninja in town picking fights with statues.

9. " I just need a green hat...from the garden."

10. These people went the extra mile to make their own Halloween costumes:

11. Is this VLC’s Mascot?

12. This girl’s hair and makeup are a perfect match:

13. “This planet is just too hot for me.”

14. That’s how you rock a Halloween costume when you are a ballerina:

15. Imagine being on the same train as this person and his chainsaw...

16. This is the reason why roadwork takes ages to complete:

17. We’ve never imagined Batman going into a gas station to pump gas.

18. When it’s too hot during the summer and you pretend to shop in the freezer:

19. He is not hanging upside down — look again!

20. Just a dog standing there all alone

21. Glow-in-the-dark mermaid nails

Which one of these images surprised you the most? Have you ever seen anything similar? Please let us know in the comments below.

Preview photo credit unknown / imgur, kellyJurfs / imgur
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