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21 People Who Really Need to Stay Out of the Kitchen

When it comes to cooking, some people are natural... destruction machines. It’s not about overboiling the eggs or the pasta, it’s about not destroying the kitchen while trying to boil an egg or make spaghetti. Sometimes plastic bowls are falsely considered bake-safe and the use of a microwave can be really tricky.

At Bright Side we gathered some of the greatest most hilarious kitchen fails by people who should really be banned from the kitchen altogether. In any case, do not try these at home.

1. “I should probably read the labels on things.” -Yes, please!

2. This man created a cave full of stalagmites instead of a spaghetti dinner.

3. This pizza making went terribly wrong.

4. How is this even possible?

5. It was about time for a volcano-themed party.

6. This shiny black chicken.

7. No brunch today, this waffle never made it to the table.

8. Either this baker lost something or he got cursed and turned into a loaf of bread, who knows?

9. So, this wasn’t the glass Pyrex dish in the right cupboard. Now I know.

10. “At least I tried.” -But did you, really?

11. This was supposed to be a pasta dinner for 2.

12. That’s too much bread for just one oven to bake.

13. When you’ve been defeated:

14. His friend put the pizza in the oven but forgot to remove the cutting board. Imagine who’s cleaning this up...

15. It was not a good BBQ day for this guy.

16. This is one way to strain your pasta...

17. “Maybe we should buy a rice cooker.”

18. The rest of the bowl is served with the food.

19. The look on her face is priceless.

20. When you are so bad at cooking, you can’t even use a sandwich press...

21. ...or make coffee!

Are you better than this in the kitchen? Share your biggest failure as a chef with us in the comment section. After all when disaster strikes, what’s a better way to pass through it than to just laugh and capture the show!

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