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21 People Whose Zany Stories Smashed All Records

Have you ever woken up and realized your porch vanished? One of the heroes of this article faced this weird situation and couldn’t resist the urge to share his story with others. There are even more strange situations on this list, and we can hardly understand what’s going on in the photos. Check them out!

Bright Side thinks each of these stories deserves to appear on the big screen.

“I tried to dry it out in the oven and forgot about it...”

This movie won’t have a happy ending...

“Someone stole my porch. I opened my door and fell!”

“I’ll never forget the day my ex-girlfriend took all her stuff back, including the shower head.”

“There’s a sneaker in my snake!”

“The teacher added one more question to the test.”

“My wife and I are upgrading our kitchen. We found this fossil under the floor boards.”

“9 years ago, my teacher told me I’d never achieve anything in my life. But 8 years later, I married his daughter.”

When your girlfriend goes out of town and tells you, “Don’t forget to feed the cat.”

“This store was super worried about my socks and hand towel getting damaged during shipping.”

This true long-term relationship

“My friend graduated with chicken, again.”

“This homeless dog just came into our 8 AM class.”

Somewhere in Moldova

“Living in this city, some things no longer surprise me...”

“This guy in front of me on the bus is wearing a sword. Where’s he going?”

“I thought it would be funny to inflate a 10 ft dog inside an office with 9 ft ceilings.”

“They had to turn one of the men’s bathrooms into a women’s bathroom at my fiancé’s work party.”

“I asked my dentist to make getting a crown less boring.”

This ceiling fan got so hot that it melted.

When there are no villains, but you need some money to make ends meet:

Have you ever faced such strange situations?

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