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21 People Who’ve Made a Mess but Still Don’t Give a Heck

Nothing can take these people by surprise: they can sleep during a working day, swim in a pool during a flood, and can sell junk at an extremely high price. They look as if they have liquid calm running through their veins.

Bright Side thinks that people living by their own rules deserve your attention and respect, but they don’t care what you or other people think.

When you see no difficulties in an air conditioner installation:

The older generation can’t keep up with modern technology.

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When you don’t want to decide between beauty and usefulness:

If you can’t change anything, relax.

Following all instructions

“My volume knob came off a while back so I improvised with a coke cap.”

Who says you can’t test your kayak in a fountain?

“My stepmom asked for cheese and biscuits at a hotel.”

“The gentleman leading our training has just taken a permanent marker to the 60-inch Samsung on the wall!”

“A man wanted me to replace his keyboard. I asked, ’Is anything else wrong?’ He said, ’No, everything’s fine.’ ”

When your boss is on vacation:

In Great Britain, the cat stealing cat food has finally been caught. He just fell asleep at the crime scene.

Universal material

The most suitable place for glue

“This girl asked for lots of syrup and proceeded to fill her syrup bottle she brought.”

“Asked my niece to mask the doorbell before we painted.”

“A screenshot from my mom’s point of view: to scan a phone and print it”

Adding a few plastic chairs to an enclosure for animals and calling it “a patio” can bring you a lot of money.

An elegant way to fix a tire

When you’re extremely tired of your colleagues:

The people featured in this article are as cool as cucumbers! Can you stay calm in weird situations?

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