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21 Photos Proving That Women Should Not Be Underestimated

Everyone has heard the phrase "Women are weaker than men." However, not everyone agrees with it. For example, the writer Angela Saini proves in her book that women are much stronger than men. Even the female immune system is stronger, and their wounds heal faster. Plus they all have a very bright mind: for example, American writer and journalist Marilyn vos Savant has the highest IQ according to the Guinness World Records. So even a petite woman should not be disregarded. They can always surprise you and accomplish anything they put their brilliant minds to.

Bright Side gathered several examples of women's behavior proving that they can't be caught off guard. Women have their own unique perspective on a situation, and they know exactly what to do in each of them.

1. When they don't have the strength to cope with a problem anymore:

2. "This is what my colleague does when she leaves her table and doesn't want anyone to look at her monitor."

3. The ceiling started to leak in the office. The women found a good way to fix it.

4. "I asked my wife to make sushi."

5. "My parents found out that my girlfriend likes puzzles. They thought they were being funny. 48 hours later..."

6. "Mom broke a knife while cooking and sent me this picture."

7. This woman is really tough.

8. What if it works?!

9. When you're not allowed to bring alcohol but you really want to:

10. "I don't know how to fold it," my girlfriend messaged me after her first night in a rented apartment.

11. "My girlfriend and I were waiting for each other to buy new toothpaste. I thought I had won and came home to this."

12. Multifunctionality is my priority.

13. When you're in a hurry:

14. "My wife made this soup. I can spread it on my bread."

15. "I told my mom we would leave the store only after she had taken a selfie on every single device. So she did."

16. "She bet us she could completely fit in her locker. She won."

17. Everyone should be beautiful in the office on Friday night.

18. "I found this in my girlfriend's bathroom."

19. A triple push-up effect!

20. "Told my girlfriend it is impossible to put a coin on its side."

21. Hey, handsome! Do you want to go for a ride?

How do you cope with everyday challenges? Share your stories and photos in the comments.

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