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21 Photos That Can Make You Feel Better Even on a Very Difficult Day

Everyone knows the situation when the week has barely started but you’re already exhausted. But there is a reliable method to improve your mood! Not all superheroes wear capes — some just have paws, wet noses, and tails. A lot of puppies, a cat with very beautiful eyes, and a cute badger are coming to help!

Bright Side guarantees that you will see nothing more adorable than these animals today.

1. “The stray I took in had 7 puppies. The last one to be born was numbered on her nose.”

2. An elephant at Hong Kong Disneyland

3. A small bunny

4. This is Oakley. He picked you some flowers. Hopes they’re your favorite color. If not, he can try again.

5. “Hush now, Gregory, I am searching.”

6. Who could resist this face?

7. “Rescued a baby squirrel! This is him when we first found him. Meet Steve!”

8. This is Mango smiling:

9. Professional window cleaner at work.

10. Everyone wants a bit of attention...

11. This is Leo and he is learning to play:

12. And this dog is an experienced traveler:

13. Can you imagine more beautiful eyes than these?

14. “Today we brought home an 8-week-old Golden Retriever! His name is Bowie!”

15. Snuggles on a rainy day

16. “Ever seen a bucket of baby sea turtles? Got to release them into the ocean last night.”

17. “I took her out because I thought it might have been hurting her but she kept running back to it, trying to get me to put her back in.”

18. Only nature itself can create something this beautiful...

19. Gumbo loves carrying his baby shrimp wherever he goes.

20. Fluffy baby sea otter

21. Who said badgers can’t be cute?

Has your mood improved by the end of this article? Tell us in the comments section below!

Preview photo credit David Woo
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