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21 Photos That Can Make Your Inner Perfectionist Squeal With Delight

There’s an aspiration for perfection inside each of us: we all enjoy looking at something beautiful and perfect — it can really make our day better.

Bright Side wants to assure you that perfection does exist — you just need to notice it!

21. The shadow dividing this rainbow

20. “My neighbor’s tree has the perfect fall gradient.”

19. This incredible rice serving

18. The way the snow fell onto this brickwork

17. These neat bubbles

16. When an architect is also a perfectionist:

15. A garden in Schönbrunn

14. The announcer’s sleeve finishes the head.

13. Water under the bridge

12. “We got a new meat cutter at the restaurant I work at, and I love the way he arranges our display case.”

11. This bench’s flattened shadow

10. Perfection in the details

9. The I-80 bridge in Cuyahoga Valley National Park

8. “My newborn son’s hair whirl”

7. “I got my dice to balance and look like a tower.”

6. “A perfect salt crystal I grew”

5. Perfect lines

4. These hangers look like an optical illusion.

3. Another incredible gradient

2. “My window blinds cast lines at the same degree as my handrail.”

1. “I’m standing in a huge pond that sinks every dry season.”

Have you ever noticed such perfection in your everyday life? Tell us about it!

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