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21 Photos Where Tension Has Reached a Fever Pitch

There are so many things that make our emotions run wild: broken thermometers, yelling hedgehogs, windshields pierced by swords, and stories that can cheer you up and puzzle you at the same time! Even if our emotions are at an all-time high, sometimes it’s hard to grasp what’s really going on in certain situations.

Bright Side has collected 21 puzzling pictures and GIFs that tell funny, strange, and even sad stories.

“When your best pal gets into a relationship but you’re not willing to let them go”

Someone was really disappointed with the results.

“My grandma caught my sister with a boy in her room.”

When you realize there are cooler things than toys in this world:

So close and so far away...

Tip: study underwater so no one can see you crying.

“You guys asked for it.”

Don’t confess.

“I love my employer.”

A hedgehog screaming at the ground

Each roller-coaster has its own collection.

" ’It’s gonna be fun,’ they said."

No, it’s not a game for kids!

“He is MY dad!”

Lost and found cat

A tense situation

Friends will always be there for you.

Now he has to deal with it again.

When it finally rains after a hot month:

When you’ve lost a tournament:

Here comes a bonus to watch with the sound turned on!

Have you ever gotten into a tense but funny situation? Tell us in the comments!

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