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21 Pictures That Will Turn Any Trusting Person Into a Hard-Core Skeptic

Disappointment awaits us around every corner. Marketing and advertising constantly confuse us, online stores decieve us, and sometimes we fail to meet our own expectations. If you’ve had a bad day, just have a look at these “lucky” people, whose hopes and plans weren’t even close to their reality.

The Bright Side team has compiled a list of those who didn’t quite get what they anticipated.

1. What was ordered vs what was delivered

2. A hole

3.“Bought this for my daughter, thought there was a full cup.”

4. Presentation is key.

5. “The giant window with a spectacular view in my hotel room.”

6. Same thing, right?

7. An angry version of Ms. Potts and Chip.

8. Spider-Man “grow” figure

9. A full glass of milkshake put into a to-go cup.

10. “Decided to stage a romantic surprise for my husband and inflate some balloons. He liked it.”

11. It seems this minion is a little out of shape.

12. “Wife took up needlefelting.”

13. When you overestimate you abilities.

14. Snow Maiden, is that you?

15. Well, they didn’t lie.

(Mix “with” broccoli)

16. “I don’t know what I was expecting, but certainly not this.”

17. A “wholesome” sandwich

18. “I imagined this ’Mermaid’ blanket to be a little different”

19. Snow White is not as pretty as she used to be.

20. When buying clothes online, you must be prepared for everything.

21. “Asked the groomer to make a heart on my doggie’s booty. What I wanted and what I got”

Bonus: When your expectations are met.

“Bought this ice cream in Tokyo and it’s exactly like the picture!”

I’m sure your expectations haven’t always been met either. Tell us about it in the comments.

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