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21 Plumbers Whose Masterpieces Should Be Flushed Down the Toilet

Hiring a plumber wouldn't be so expensive if it wasn't our only option in many critical situations. At the same time, some of them probably should've become designers where their inexplicable masterpieces would be taken at their worth.

We at Bright Side want to show you 21 reasons not to try to fix the sink or the toilet on your own and to choose your plumber carefully.

1. A rubber band will solve everything!

2. When a plumber is too expensive and you have to attempt a DIY approach:

3. This is what happens when you tell plumbers what to do:

4. Magic away from Hogwarts!

5. Was the plumber installing it with his eyes closed?

6. Something tells me this isn't a good idea...

7. It seems toilets also have bad days.

8. What is it supposed to wash?

9. "When they said "half-bath," I wasn't expecting THIS."

10. From here, no one's allowed in.

11. I just hope it doesn't burst...

12. We're not sure what went wrong here but it can't be good!

13. It's not a mistake – it was designed this way...

14. Asked my brother (a plumber) to fix my showerhead. He nailed it!

15. A place for some private conversation

16. When it's too cold outside and you want everyone to be warm.

17. "A coworker asked me what's going on with the toilet. This was waiting for me there..."

18. Wine can save you one day!

19. Can you guess who this is for?

20. I suspect that hot water isn't the biggest problem here...

21. I expected everything from a public toilet but not this:

Which pieces of plumbing art did you like the most? Tell us in the comments if you've ever had a similar experience!

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