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21 Puzzling and Hilarious Signs From All Over the World

We are used to signs that warn or notify us about something, but some of them can perplex us or just make us smile.

Bright Side has made a selection of funny and unusual signs from around the world to share with you. We also found the cutest notice ever that awaits you as a bonus.

21. A finger? Come on, they are so ador... Ouch!

20. Ha ha ha... Hey, it hurts!

19. But we won’t tell you what exactly.

18. Keep him as long as you wish, please.

17. I hope these signs are unrelated.

16. Don’t be so selfish. Think of the poor animals.

15. This should be on every door.

14. Watch out for falling kangaroos.

13. "Someone help me!"

12. These 2 crows are with me.

11. "OK, Google, how do we take a detour?"

10. I think I’ll pass.

9. Perhaps I should go straight.

8. Oh, leave me alone already.

7. When is the next bus?

6. Too late...

5. I counted on you!

4. Schrödinger’s Gate

3. "Okay. I mean, woof!"

2. What if I’m a mermaid?

1. Not in Middle-earth.


Preview photo credit Funny Signs, fjv006/Twitter
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