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21 Special Moments in People’s Lives They’ll Probably Never Forget, and We’re Moved to Tears Too


All of us have had moments in our lives that are really memorable. Marriage proposals, having a child, and going on an unbelievable trip. The people from this compilation shared the happiest and the most unique moments that they will remember for a long time. We think they did the right thing by sharing these moments with other people because this is how you truly experience something — by telling someone else about it.

We at Bright Side decided to collect these moments and show you why every story contains an enormous amount of positivity!

“Meet Sushi. My boyfriend found this little sweetie yelling at him from an alleyway while on a walk with our pup. He brought her home and now she’s having a catnap.”

“Adam Sandler crashed my friend’s wedding pics this weekend!”

“Today, my 3-year-old son and his 89-year-old great-grandmother caught their first fish together.”

“Her husband is thousands of miles away serving our country. He is missing his beautiful wife’s pregnancy and will be missing the birth of his baby.”

“Please wish Henri a happy first birthday.”

“After 590 days, we finally adopted our daughter!”

This man found his cat:

“This is my friend Penny. She is holding her own heart. She has survived cancer and crippling heart failure but never lost hope.”

“Tidying out my gran’s shed and rediscovered the mini bench press my grandad welded for me 20 years ago so I could workout with my dad when I was 5 years old. Words can’t describe how much this means to me.”

“Grandma was given a free kitten 2 weeks after adopting a new dog. She didn’t know how well they’d get along. She sent me this pic a week later.”

“My friend who is an aspiring model smiling next to her first poster on Broadway!”

“I waited over 10 years for a dog and I finally have a backyard. We tried for 2 years to get pregnant and we finally had a daughter. Last month, my heart became complete.”

“I’m 63 years old and I finally made it to Iceland!”

“My 102-year-old grandma with her 4-year-old great-grandson on her birthday”

“I’m 48 y.o. and found out that I have a 32-year-old son this past Mother’s Day. Finally met him today.”

“I don’t know really how to sew, but my daughter made a drawing she was pretty proud of so I made it real for her.”

“I just finished a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Here are all my notes, assignments, and tests from both my graduate and under-grad degrees.”

“I recently got engaged to my fiancé at the top of a mountain!”

“I spent $60 to fly from Istanbul to Cappadocia.”

“Just bought a house. Met the neighbors. Yes, he is a good boy.”

“My mom and dad recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and decided to re-create one of their wedding photos.”

What was the happiest moment of your life? Share your photos with us below!