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21 Things From the Good Old Days Modern Kids Won’t Understand

You wear trendy clothes, look younger than you actually are, and supermarket clerks ask for your ID when you buy alcohol. But there are several things which can reveal that you were born in the past century.

Bright Side has collected some things that only children of the 80s and 90s will know. Check them out!

21. You’ve watched Friends multiple times.

20. You drew a Cindy Crawford mole on your upper lip at least once.

19. You wore a choker before it became mainstream.

18. You know that it’s neither a glue nor a deodorant.

17. You remember your first trip abroad.

16. That moment when 39 minutes suddenly turned into 39 years.

15. You definitely know where this place is.

14. When did they disappear?

13. You probably did this at least once.

12. You also did this millions of times.

11. “Don’t Speak” was the best song to dance to with your crush.

10. The taste of nostalgia

9. Battleship is always trendy.

8. The best anti-stress ever

7. You could sleep with these things and still look good.

6. You had a huge collection.

5. Did you have one of these weird phones?

4. Blue Pepsi won’t surprise you.

3. You can’t just walk by.

2. You first fell in love via phone.

1. Did you also have these socks?

Do you feel nostalgic now?

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