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21 Times Packaging Lied Straight to Our Faces

We are all familiar with marketing strategies that are less than truthful. Advertisers do this all the time, but don't you just hate it when even the packaging is out to get you? Well, the only way to spread the need for truth on packaging is to share these lies with others so they will not be caught by surprise.

We at Bright Side want to introduce you to 21 people who have decided to share their frustration about blatant lies from marketing people and let themselves be a cautionary tale for all of us.

21. What a change in your face, Captain!

20. Surprise! 2 sandwiches!

19. Because biting off a saint's head would be icky, we guess.

18. Not sure if they know what "bigger" means...

17. Twinkie, twinkie, little liar!

16. Size matters.

15. Just nope.

14. At least the load of cheese is nice.

13. Who likes raisins anyway?

12. What a filling lunch!

11. Contaminated by the dark side, we presume.

10. Not quite!

9. Just figure it out already.

8. Pepperoni power!

7. On the bright side, it's more bread!

6. This cheeseburger has just a hint of cheese.

5. That's just cruel.

4. The realization that they're lying to your face.

3. That's confusing.

2. Chocolate! You too?!

1. Not much relief, eh?

Have you ever been a victim of disappointments like these? Share with us!

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