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21 Times People Fixed Things So Bad It Was Hilarious

The old Indian proverb says, “If the horse is dead, dismount.” But some people don’t want to lose money and prefer to fix it themselves, like using a plastic straw in a water filter or replacing windshield wipers with a broom.

Bright Side gathered 21 pics that show us that some things just can’t be repaired.

21. “Sir, I would find another tailor in your place.”

20. Sure, the filter is working!

19. The oven is like a wardrobe: 5 items on one hanger.

18. An engineer’s shower

17. Crazy lazy fixing: just put a sticker on the door!

16. “I guess, it works...only for males.”

15. Duct tape forever and ever!

14. Such a sly dog!

13. Cozy but still strange...

12. The great-grandfather of windshield wipers

11. Guys, winter is coming.

10. This is just too much!

9. And are there plates for wheels?

8. Almost in the style of Salvador Dali...

7. Sneakers on the wire

6. “Hi, hot water is on the phone.”

5. Flats and plastic wrap against the rain

4. Just a small crack...

3. A big toilet bowl in a small bathroom

2. Have they ever heard of depressurization?

1. A bike for the witch

Do you think it’s better to repair broken things or throw them away? Have you ever made such hilarious DIY repairs? Share your opinion in the comments!

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