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21 Users Shared the Weird Things They Did That Made Them “That Guy at Work”

We could all probably either share some of the pranks we’ve done at work or the others we’ve had front row seats to. By spending 8 hours every day, working in the same place, it’s very likely that you’ll have more than one funny story worth sharing. Certain employees watch TV, others fall asleep, but some take a little time to indulge their imagination and create fun things, regardless of the circumstances or what their colleagues might think.

Bright Side collected some stories and images from users to share with you. Whatever happens, it’s always a good idea to take things with a sense of humor, because those are the moments that create the best memories.

1. “Made an IT throne today at work.” When will Daenerys Targaryen arrive with her dragons?

2. Goodbye to customers with bad timing

3. Work can wait, I have to cuddle with this baby.

4. Why pay for a book if you can photocopy it?

5. We built this refuge so that no one would find us.

6. “In a meeting” is a synonym for “shopping.”

7. We had a tight budget and I needed some privacy.

8. Free rooms for everyone

9. Just letting my eyes relax a bit...

10. The customer is always right.

11. Someone put Darth Vader in the men’s bathroom.

12. We’ll have chicken today!

13. We don’t want to wear regular uniforms anymore.

14. “We’re slow at work, so like any good boss, I’m introducing my new employee to Rick and Morty.”

15. If I get bored at work, I make illustrations in Excel.

16. My coworker was on vacation... so I prepared him a little welcome back surprise.

17. I deserved a break in the middle of the aisle.

18. “Was looking around for my coworker for a good 10 minutes.”

19. It means no worries, for the rest of your days... or until the boss comes in.

20. Hi, this is Spider-Man.

21. “Important business meetings at work today”

What is the most inappropriate or unprofessional thing you’ve ever done or seen done at work? Tell us in the comments below!

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