21 Weird Inventions That Leave Us With Many Questions

We are surrounded by many strange things thanks to the neverending creativity of designers. These things make us smile, wonder, scratch our heads in perplexity, or even burst out in rage.

Bright Side made a collection of funny and strange designer ideas. It's completely up to you what to make of them.

1. When everyone takes their hat off to you:

2. She just wanted to be accepted among the birds.

3. This is what I call a rational approach!

4. When you are too lazy to saw off the table legs:

5. Don't show this pencil case to hungry students.

6. I hope we all agree that it's way more interesting to turn a light on and off using a lever.

7. When you can't write anything without your favorite emoji:

8. A shower curtain for those who are always online

9. This wineglass goes straight onto my Christmas wish list.

10. When everything in your life turns upside down but you like it:

11. My brain refuses to believe that this bag is not drawn.

12. This is the best WC design ever.

13. A teapot for a large group

14. Having a baby is pure happiness for the parents!

15. Now I understand what it means "to have bananas in one's ears."

16. Dinosaurs in one's ears are fine too.

17. That's the perfect place to park a bike.

18. It has never been so easy to turn a bald patch into a head of hair to die for.

19. A mouth-watering cushion!

20. Specially made for cold and lonely winter nights

21. In case you always wanted your lips to be nice and plump

Which of these crazy inventions did you like the most? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit inboxity.com
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