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22 Absurd Photos Where Everything Looks Wrong

Have you ever looked around and felt like something was definitely wrong? Maybe you spot something in the very corner of your eye so it's hard to understand what's really going on? It seems like we know exactly what that feels like after looking through the photos in this article.

Bright Side has collected 22 pictures that will make you want to ask a lot of questions.

When we look at her legs, we start to feel sick.

Either the evolution has made a big step forward, or something is very wrong here.

This guy makes everyone doubt the laws of physics.

"I swear I thought your skirt was the blurry censor thing."

Apparently, this is a very lazy frog.

Looks like this guy's reflection lives its own criminal life.

Just to get a cup of water?

"Something is telling me that I shouldn't sit on that bench."

For some reason, these bees thought that a playground was a great place for a hive.

When your parents leave you home alone for the entire weekend and you find out they're coming back any minute:

The pool is closed.

Apparently, a giant ordered this happy meal. There's no other explanation!

"My fiancé gets really freaked out when I show him my 'empanada hands.' "

This is a bad example of how the food chain works.

We are still trying to explain this...

Do you also see a cow in the back seat of this car?

This doesn't look like a good deal.

How is this even possible?

"Heard a loud bang and saw this: a loaf of bread landed on my bathroom window."

"Snowed today about 45 minutes from me. Not sure how this person ended up in here."

We have only one question: why?

Want some candy?

We're done looking through all the photographs, but we somehow have more questions than answers! Maybe you'll be able to explain what's going on in some of these photos? Share your ideas in the comment section below!

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