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22 Appalling Everyday Troubles Each of Us Can’t Stand

Frustration sometimes comes from unexpected things. Whether it’s a particularly sticky price tag, a broken ring on a can, unstoppable messages from your supermarket, or a badly ripped cuticle. Every time these things happen, you can’t help but be so annoyed.

At Bright Side we can relate to all the situations illustrated in this article. However, we hope that by showing them in this way, they will be entertaining and not frustrate you.

1. How about some cone for my ice cream cone?

2. Collect the stickers, they said, ...and get a free cup of coffee, they said.

3. How badly do you need to use the toilet if this one is the only one available?

4. A freshly done manicure after 10 minutes of washing dishes

5. Is there some sort of game going on to avoid the parking lines?

6. But I said “No...”

7. People, just put your carts away, please.

8. But why?

9. I tried to change the batteries but one was stuck.

10. Happy birthday, Alex, no matter who you are.

11. This pizza box could fit three more pizzas. Did they shrink?

12. I hate it when the ketchup comes out before I even open it.

13. What kind of discrimination is this?

14. My friend really thinks this is the most comfortable way to store your silverware.

15. When the price tag just won’t let go.

16. There’s something utterly wrong with my hamburger.

17. A pain everyone can relate to

18. OK, what do I do next?

19. I hate when this happens.

20. Don’t worry, I won’t bend it.

-You did!

21. Can anyone justify this amount of packaging?

22. Why does your elbow hurt so much when you hit it? Ouch...

Can you think of any other situations that are as annoying? Share with us in the comments — let’s experience this pain together!

Daniil Shubin for for Bright Side
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