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22 Bewildering Comparisons That Prove Some Things Are Not What We Think They Are

Comparison is one of the ways we learn new information about the world and we are so good at it now, that very few people can actually tell how many times per day we do it. It helps us develop new knowledge about the things around us and here are some very illustrative photos that prove this point.

Bright Side came across these 22 people who don’t know a better way to explore the world other than to compare things.

1. This ridiculous, nearly 5-pound lobster claw

2. “The comparison of right handed and left handed people at my high school”

3. Grandfather light, father light, son light. Maybe the little one was adopted from China.

4. Samuel L. Jackson in 1995 vs Samuel L. Jackson de-aged in Captain Marvel, which is set in 1995

5. Mount St. Helens before and after its 1980 eruption

6. “Size comparison of my Maine Coon to my American Shorthair”

7. “Traffic lights are actually pretty big.”

8. The size of this California Condor

9. Instagram vs YouTube

10. Before and after an ice storm

11. “Sweatshirt dress on a model and on me”

12. “Withdrew $300 from the bank and got 100 dollar bills from 3 different generations”

13. She never grew into her ears.

14. Kevin Hart vs The Rock, The Rock vs Shaquille O’Neal, Shaquille O’Neal vs Yao Ming

15. Norway Stryn in winter and in summer

16. “She posted this herself which is ironic.”

17. Shanghai after 20 years

18. Women’s basketball players and their cheerleaders

19. “2 tanks were set up with water from a Virginia stream for 24 hours. The one on the right had mussels in it, the one on the left didn’t.”

20. The same place in summer and in winter

21. “Visited the same model village 25 years apart”

22. 100 years of American innovation

Which of these comparisons seems to be the most illustrative?

Preview photo credit paigetoremember / Twitter
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