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22 Coincidences That Can Make Your Jaw Drop

Life surprises us every day — unbelievable coincidences and unusual angles make us see things in different ways. And to notice these things you just need to look closely. The people from this article did exactly that: some of them noticed the amazing similarity between a brother and a sister, or how much their cat looks like the cat on the cat food package.

Bright Side has collected 22 things that were made to surprise us! You don't see things like this every day!


The tiles and her clothes are exactly the same.

This guy looks a lot like the guy in the background.

So ironic!

She seems to know everything about matching.

"Family resemblance: my brother and I"

"My friend's dog, in the background, and her son's t-shirt match perfectly."

My morning coffee looks like a half-cooked pancake.

It snowed mini-snowballs.

"My cat looks exactly like the cat on her treat bag."

"I picked up my shampoo bottle and it left behind some letters."

Because of the rip placement, the M&M on the bag has 2 emotions.

"While waterproofing my leather ski gloves the wax made my hands waterproof..."

This grass looks like a giant cat.

"Spilled my coffee and now Elvis is crying."

"My dog laid down perfectly in the sunlight."

I dropped a Skittle and it broke in half.

Photo of the moon taken through my telescope looks like it was taken through a spaceship window.

"Me and my dad in the same place 24 years apart."

"Snapped a picture when the lightening hit."

"We have a leak in our house and 2 mushrooms grew behind some furniture."

"Our foster puppy looks a lot like the puppy on the puppy formula can."

Have you ever photographed such amazing coincidences? We would love to see them!

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