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22 Design Ideas That Are So Awesome, We Want to Hug Their Creators

Necessity is the mother of invention. Inventions sometimes lead to profit. In modern times, you don’t just get accolades for inventing something out of the box, but cash too. One recent invention, the fidget spinner, was invented by a girl who never patented her idea and unfortunately never earned the money she deserved for her invention.

The Bright Side team gathered a few of these inventions that deserve your applause for sure.

22. When you’re tired of holding the phone:

21. Because it’s advised to “drink water” when you feel stressed.

20. Dogs need love and protection too.

19. When you need some color in your life:

18. Give this mug to your kids to play and sip at the same time.

17. The perfect gift for climbers — tree stairs

16. Now sit down and enjoy the pizza.

15. The umbrella that is storm proof

14. Don’t underestimate my power by looking at my stature.

13. 3D doodle pen

12. A mattress for couples

11. Watch your steps

10. The rekindle candlestick

9. A lounge chair with a solar power panel

8. Safety for women on the move

7. The spooky chair from Hogwarts

6. An LED nozzle that signals if the water is hot or cold before touching. Blue means cold, red means hot.

5. A highlighter that scans your text and sends it to your computer

4. The NYC spaghetti

3. Ironing board mirror combo — iron it, try it on, see it.

2. Egg cracker

1. Sewing kit with pre-threaded needles

Have you also come across any amusing and useful ideas? Please share with us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Pikabu, Unknown / Imgur
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